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Here at New West Truck Centres we have some exciting news that we cannot wait to share. Over the past few months we have been busy upgrading and adding to our facilities, all to bring about an overall better customer and employee experience. We have been focusing our efforts on making sure that these upgrades are more than just superficial. They have been well thought out in order to bring about better accessibility and efficiency for everyone involved in NWTC’s day to day.

The first part of this upgrade plan was to complete our Parts Warehouse expansion. At about 6,700 square feet, this expansion has been done in order to better facilitate getting your trucks the parts they needs quickly and efficiently. By expanding our Parts Warehouse we are better able to serve you, our customers. We now have one of the largest supply of heavy truck parts and accessories stock out there. This expansion allows us to host a wide variety of stock and have allowed us to expand the brands that we carry. We will have the part you need, before you need it, and it will be the best quality.

Our second phase that we are excited to announce is our Service Bay expansion. We are adding approximately 13,000 square feet to our Service Bay. This equals 15 new bays that we will use to service more trucks in a more efficient manner. We have projected that these bays will not only allow us to get more customers serviced, but do so in a manner that reduces your downtime and gets your trucks back on the road.

Our Service Bay expansion has undergone not only just a physical expansion, but thanks now to the increase in bays we are going to be able to offer more services to you. Our services now include preventative maintenance repair, repair work and engine work, just to name a few. By being able to expand the services that we offer you, we know that we are better able to serve you and take care of your needs at the highest level of quality available. 

At the end of the day, our expansion has been done not just to service more trucks in a day. While that might be an end result, our goal has always been to provide a higher standard of quality customer service, which we know we will achieve through our Parts Warehouse and Service Bay Expansions. 

Stay tuned for future news where we explain how our Service Bay process differs from almost all other repair shops!

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