Safety Tips for Your Drivers and Vehicles

New West Truck Centres' Committed to Safety

So you’ve recently been down to one of our many New West Truck Centres locations and picked out the perfect vehicle for your fleet and employees. Not only do we here at NWTC want to make sure that your semis, loaders, dump trucks and everything else we offer are running in perfect condition, but we wanted to share some safe driving tips to ensure that our customers and their employees take care out on the roads.

Distance Between Vehicles is Key

There are many unexpected obstacles that can crop up while out on the road. Poor weather, road work and lane closures, accidents and more can all cause traffic to behave differently than expected. Maintaining a safe driving distance will ensure that you can handle any unexpected traffic detours easily. You can also enquire with our staff today about the variety of options our vehicles are equipped with to help with safe driving such as brake assistance, object alerts and more.

Get Your Maintenance Done Before You Need It

Preventative maintenance is critical to upkeeping a safe vehicle. Without proper maintenance and inspections on a timely schedule, you’re asking for a recipe that leads to breakdowns and unsafe driving conditions. Here at NWTC we are committed to providing you with the highest quality of service to keep your vehicles in top condition.

Stay Alert

One of the biggest safety concerns on the road is exhaustion, both physical and mental. Long periods of driving can tire your body and mind, leading to lower reaction times, less awareness and overall unsafe driving conditions. For those long stretches on the road make sure that your employees are prepared and comfortable - New West Truck Centres offers top of the line vehicles built with your drivers in mind.

Avoid Distractions

We get it - today’s world is always online, always connected and always within reach of a cell phone. Text messages, phone calls, music, social media and so much more is at the tip of our fingers at any moment. Distracted driving is now the leading cause of accidents on the road so keep your employees safe with dashboards that clearly display your information without distracting from the road ahead.

To find out more about what New West Truck Centres can offer you today come down to one of our locations and speak with our experts - and remember to stay safe out there!

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New West Truck Centres Response to Global Pandemic

Dear our Valued Customers,

We at New West want all of you to know the steps and measures we are taking during this global pandemic. We want to assure you that everything we are doing is for the safety of you, our customer, as well as our staff. The following are the measures we have taken to ensure your safety:

  • We have implemented a mandatory 6-foot social distancing for all people in our dealerships. You will notice barriers between the service and parts counters. Also, parts and point of sale machines will be put at least six feet away and will be disinfected as required
  • All of our common areas are being wiped down all throughout the day. We have implemented added cleaning help at some locations and implemented mandatory staff wiping of all areas including retail areas and counters, work stations, etc.
  • We have removed all common area magazines and refreshments from all dealerships. This includes water, coffee, popcorn, etc. We believe that the removal of all commonly touched areas will help stop the spread. We have also removed all magazines and reading literature including business cards from the open areas
  • We have a number of our staff working remotely as well as management partnering – one manager in this day and the partner in the next. This way only one is in at a time
  • Reducing staff interactions – we have implemented new lunch rotations for all our staff to reduce the amount of people in the lunchroom at a time. We reduced the number of chairs as well to accommodate social distancing. We have also asked our staff with desks to eat at their desks to further limit the amount of people gathered
  • Entering customer units for sales and service – all of our technicians are provided disposable gloves, disinfectant and wipes. They are to disinfect the outside touch points, as well as the inside (prior to sitting in the truck) the steering wheel, ignition, seats…all touch points. After they have completed the repair / test drive, it will all be wiped down again
  • Any employee who presents as ill in any way, is being sent home to self-quarantine and follow the advice of 811 and / or doctors
  • Daily meeting of all company managers at all locations to decide on any further changes required

We believe that we are doing everything we can to protect our customers and staff as we remain open as an essential service. We hope that you believe in what we are trying to do during this unprecedented time.

We are going to get through this if we all work together.

Thank you.

Adam Asplund
New West Truck Centres 
W) 403.569.4800