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At the Pinnacle of Customer Support and Technology

With parts, services, billing and support for small, regional and national fleets, Pinnacle Fleet Solutions delivers peak technology for fleet maintenance.

Pinnacle billing harnesses the latest technology for repair and maintenance expenditures to help fleets optimally track and manage their accounts and financial obligations.

Pinnacle Billing Services Highlights:

  • State-of-the-art systems ensure that fleets are protected financially.
  • Flexible billing options provide customer-specific requirements.
  • Dedicated staff answers billing questions and solves invoicing problems.

Pinnacle Fleet Solutions Benefits:

  • Not-to-Exceed Pricing: nationwide and guaranteed
  • Billing: centralized and decentralized
  • Invoice Dispute Management: convenient and online
  • Point-of-Sale Pricing: features vary according to outlet policies
  • Labor Notes: detailed repair histories
  • Parts Spend Management: customized reporting
  • Uptime Tools: keeping trucks on the road
  • Target Customer Program: features vary according to outlet policies

* Features vary upon DTNA authorized service outlets

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