Freightliner Trucks Extended Service Coverage Immediate Peace of Mind: Achieved from Day One, with Freightliner

Erase unexpected costs and achieve peace-of-mind with extended service coverage from Freightliner, covering parts and labor and eliminating guesswork.

Extended Detroit Coverage

Protect your company and your bottom line with the extended service coverage from Freightliner. With a wide variety of options to choose from, the extended coverage helps you manage costs and mitigate those unexpected repair bills all at today’s pricing. With many different offerings, one of the Extended Service Coverage packages is sure to fit your needs to ensure that your engines, trucks and parts are all protected.

For vocational applications we offer multiple time and distances for up to six years or 600K miles for on highway, or seven years or 250K miles. If it’s an engine that needs repairing tomorrow or major servicing and repairs in the future, the extended coverage for your truck’s engine helps protect your investment in your vehicles.

Extended coverage from Detroit is also available for the DT12 transmission, DT12 clutch, axles and used Detroit engines.

Extended Chassis Coverage

It’s just a fact of life that operational and repair costs will rise over time and this can get expensive as the years go on for truck ownership. Extended service coverage for your truck chassis helps to lower your risk of rising costs for those unplanned expenditures that you will be facing. The extended coverage means that repair and labour costs are fixed, a benefit that your unable to receive elsewhere.

Let our Extended Service Coverage put you in control of the cost of your repairs, and help put an ease to unexpected business expenses by making them reliable and predictable.

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