Why New West Service.


At New West Truck Centres, each person is essential to the success of the business. Our team of experts continuously aim to create an environment of “PRIDE” which encourages and supports our shared service values of Professionalism, Responsiveness, Integrity, Dedication and Energy (efficiency). We work to ensure these values are consistent throughout our organization.


Our pioneering spirit is driven by our power to innovate and our openness to change. We encourage creativity and “out of the box” thinking to develop novel solutions and possibilities. Whatever we do, we do with pride. From our heavy trucks and parts warehouses to our service bays you can be sure that you’ll find clean facilities and a courteous and helpful team. Every action taken by New West Truck Centres is one that has our underlying value of professionalism at its very core.


Responsiveness to New West Truck Centres means continual communication and anticipation of the needs of everyone that we work with. We are appreciative and empathetic toward our colleagues, customers, suppliers and external partners. We individually and collectively trust each other, acting as a team and responding and anticipating ALL our customers needs, both internally and externally. At New West Truck Centres responsiveness isn’t just reactionary. We aim to create a system where we seek out our customers and provide you with solutions before you need them.


Our behavior is based on honesty, fairness and trustworthiness. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and adhere to these standards regardless of the circumstances. We believe in doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, it’s that simple. We are committed to the ideals of sustainability, which represents profitable growth for the company and our responsibilities to society and the environment.


We focus on results. This means that we are always looking for solutions with the determination and tenacity to succeed. We actively share best practices from all parts of the company and constantly seek opportunities to improve our performance. Our promise extends to all parts of New West Truck Centres. From our employees, our suppliers, our partners to our customers, we are committed to bringing you the trucks, parts and service that you need. We consider everyone to be a part of our team and we are dedicated to bringing you our best each and every day.


We facilitate a healthy and balanced work environment so each one of us at New West Truck Centres posses the energy and attitude required to ensure the customer experience is always at its full potential. It’s simple - happy employees drive our best service leading to customer’s walking away with the best possible experience. We want to spread this positive energy throughout all of New West Truck Centres core business and create an experience unlike one you’ve ever had before.

New West Truck Centres has expanded to include not only Freightliner trucks, but Mitsubishi Fuso, SportChassis, and Autocar trucks as well. We have unified teams at each of our locations, and all of our teams can assist customers with a wide range of heavy-duty truck sales, parts sales, and repair/maintenance services in or near Calgary, Lethbridge, Red Deer, or Medicine Hat. We are also a Detroit Diesel dealership, so we assist with Detroit parts sales and repair services at all locations.

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