New West Truck Centres and Dunlop join forces.

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New West Customer FAQs:
New West Truck Centres Rebranding

We're excited to welcome all our former Dunlop Truck Centres customers to the New West Truck Centres network! This FAQ list addresses common questions now that we’ve rebranded.

General Changes

  • Why the rebrand? Last October, New West Truck Centres acquired Dunlop Truck Centres. This merger strengthens our network by offering a more comprehensive selection of Freightliner and Western Star trucks, more service locations, and a broader team of experienced technicians across Alberta and interior BC.
  • Benefits for You:
    • Wider selection of new and used Freightliner and Western Star trucks
    • More service locations for parts, maintenance, and repairs
    • Access to a broader range of expertise for all your heavy-duty truck needs
  • Staff Changes: Most Dunlop staff will remain with New West Truck Centres to ensure continuity and provide the excellent service you've come to expect.
  • Operating Hours: All operating hours will remain the same. Visit our website for specific location hours.

    Dealership Contact Information: Addresses and main phone numbers remain the same. Dunlop email addresses will transition to “” soon, with email forwarding ensuring a smooth switch.

Billing, Invoices & Financing

  • Your Account: Your existing Dunlop account will automatically transfer to New West Truck Centres – no need to re-apply.
  • Credit Limit & Financing Terms: New West will honour your existing credit limit and financing terms with Dunlop.
  • Invoicing & Payment: Invoices will be issued by and paid to Dunlop Western Star Truck Centres Ltd. until November 1, 2024. After that, invoices will be issued by and paid to New West Truck Centres.
  • Financing: Contact your local dealership for details or visit our website.
  • Billing/Financing Questions: Contact New West Accounts Receivable (
  • or (403) 569 4800 (Mon-Fri, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM).

Sales, Services & Parts

Body Shop & Collision Services

  • Body Shop: We’re pleased to offer an expanded network of heavy-duty body shop services:
    • Lethbridge (9 Ave.) : offers repairs on all makes and models of heavy-duty trucks.
    • Calgary : offers repairs on all makes and models of heavy-duty trucks.
  • Collision Centres: We’re pleased to offer an expanded network of light and medium-duty collision repair options:
    • Calgary: our collision center can handle all your light and medium-duty vehicle needs, including fleet trucks, full-size pickup trucks, and more.

Location Specific FAQs

  • Changes: For now, things remain largely similar. However, the Taber location will no longer sell trucks. Freightliner purchases will be directed to New West Lethbridge (1001 41 Street North), and Western Star purchases to New West Lethbridge (4110 9 Avenue North) – invoicing and payments transition to New West on November 1, 2024.
  • Signage: Signage changes at Taber may be delayed due to approvals. Rest assured, the exceptional service remains the same.
  • Truck Sales: As of February 2024, the Taber location no longer sells trucks.
Lethbridge (9th Ave.)
  • Changes: This remains a Western Star sales, parts, service, and body shop repairs location. Your existing Dunlop agreements and terms are honoured – invoicing and payments transition to New West on November 1, 2024.
Lethbridge (41 St.)
  • Changes: No change at this time – it remains a Freightliner sales, parts, and service location.
Cranbrook (Cobham Ave.)
  • Changes: This location becomes a dual-branded Freightliner/Western Star dealership. It neighbours Rocky Mountain Collision, which continues to handle all collision repairs. For more on our Cranbrook locations, see our website.
  • Warranty Work: Warranty work is available for Freightliner and Western Star trucks.
Cranbrook (Slater Rd.)
  • Changes: This location remains a Freightliner parts location and can take on all makes and models of non-warranty work. Warranty work now will be offered at the Cranbrook (Cobham Ave.) [link to the Cranbrook (Cobham Ave. location)].
  • Warranty Work: Warranty work will now be offered at the Cranbrook (Cobham Ave.) location.
Medicine Hat
  • Changes: We’ve already consolidated our Dunlop operation into a new, dual-branded Freightliner/Western Star New West Truck Centres location at 2150 South Highway Drive SE, Redcliff, AB. Visit the New West website for more information.